Friday, February 12, 2010

Today is a Happy day!

HELLO!! Happy Chinese New Year in advance cos im leaving today so must say earlier:D

Wish everyone will prosper and have a good and best best best of the best year in 2010.

hehe byebye im off. Get angbaos for me hor!!! Thankyou:D

okay la im joking..:O

恭喜发财啊!![Gong Xi Fa Cai]
身体健康啊!![Shen Ti Jian Kang]
生意兴隆啊!![Sheng Yi Xing Long]
学业进步啊!![Xue Ye Jin Bu] {Prosper in studies}

发啊!!HUAT AH!!

(P.S who wan to translate it to english for the chinese words? my ang mo not very good.:P)

Sending off Hanying..[Gonna bomb Hwa wei's house hahaha]

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