Friday, June 26, 2009

Hey class..
remember to do assessment for electrical principles.
only for e first topic..
e first topic is classified into 4 diff types..
mus do all assessments.
mus b completed by tis wk..

Friday, June 19, 2009

Class Outing 18 June 09:D

HAHA kanna face box


Roller blade


Another class outing photo from future photographer FHY..HAHA why that particular picture was not up here?? HAHA ..okok class enjoy it.
So sad, i didn't take photo with Sarina Durga and Xiaosi..-_- HAHA next time :D muack

Thursday, June 18, 2009

class outing

Really have fun todae!~
Looking forward to another outing nxt time..

Friday, June 12, 2009


Yupps, from me, the song that i'd chose to motivate all of US! This song was a theme song for the drama "The Dream catchers".

The drama says about the Engineers that work hard and done well in their career. Engineer has a big prospects in the world.

An engineer is a skilled technical professional.

Remember, engineer is a professional, do not think that engineering is a lousy course for lousy people to get in to study, NO! :)

Just like in the drama grab your dream and go as high!!!


Education Vacation!!!!!

WooHOooo!! Class, listen up!! Please make use of the Summer holidays to study and also have fun ya? Sincerely hope all of us can prepare and do well in common test cum exam.!

Will miss you all:)


  1. Study for common test-[Analog electronics(EG1004), Engineering maths(EG1001), C programming(EG1005), Electrical Principles(EG1003)]
  2. Comm skills project
  3. C programming LAB 8 and unfinish tutorials(previous one) do tutorial 8 if possible
  4. Lab test for EG1003(MR Moorthi's)
  • colour code
  • calculate the total resistance, total current, open-circuit and short-circuit

I think should be all those stuffs to complete..JIAYOU everyone! You all can do it, have faith!:D

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