Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fat got!

Wah seh!! I ask you all ah, is it all your secondary school now damn it strict to students??

My Secondary School (SGS) turned strict after our badge left! Alot of teachers left cos of those students. Principal don't even want to celebrate teachers day! Worst!!

Even we want to go back visit teachers, also must ask the teacher to "Collect" us from the security guard! Last time our badge didnt even need this "service":D HAHAH

Okay actually, just now i went back stand there like what free show"D HAHHAHA Next time wear uniform go back la. Security can recognise uniform other than face:D Clever right the idea! HAHAH my friend said sneak in, think we Private Investigator meh. HAHAH

OKAY done! Hanying

Countdown for Class Chalet!

3 days ..

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Let's Count down to class chalet HAHAHAHA

Five more days...
Eh Chairman faster get it done hor..people waiting until the neck like giraffe already..HAHAH Okay relax!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey yo yo yo! Check it out!

It's been thousand years since we update the class blog. Shall not let her be dead the 2nd time.!

CLass Blog come come come ALIVE!!! HAHAHAHH

Mr chairman invite me to update class blog:D OKay now, today is a very special for us. WHY WHY WHY? Cos RESULTS day!! Woo hoo SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY ~~

I know most of us pass all the modules and at last can really relax right?? HAHAH yeah some of us are contented, some are still not satisfied, some did work hard for it, some did not done well of a few modules BUT wadever it is..we already walk till this far but not very far:D HAHAH so we must face it whatever comes to us.

Congrats to all of us!! Don't dwell on it if u didn't make it or didn't expect things will happen as you know we have to expect the unexpected yeah right?? We have to look straight and walk straight, no time to turn back to reach the past:D

YES! Looking forward to class chalet which is next thursday saturday! wahHAHAHAH can laugh play eat and fol around...HAHAHAHAH OKay lets prepare

I think chairman will send email to us on what to bring:D Leave it to him la, we relax can already! HAHAH no joke!! :D